AP890 80 – 500 kVA (3:3)

Characteristics Technical Specifications Documents

● Online double-conversion with DSP control

● Latest IGBT rectifier technology, high input power factor(> 0.99) and low THDi (≤ 3%)

● High efficiency even at light loads

● Strong mixed load capacity and high overload capacity

● Compact and small footprint

● Unique ventilation design

● Batteries are connected directly to the bus, improving the impact resistance of UPS output

● Output isolation transformer using DZn0 winding makes strong capability with unbalanced loads

● Input and output are completely isolated for great security

● Simulated modular design makes maintenance easy and quick

● High MTBF (> 200,000 h)

● Low MTTR (< 0.5 h)

● Front accessible maintenance and installation against wall allowed

● Bottom and sides cable entry compatible

● Generator compatible

● Intelligent self-diagnosing function, superior failure protection, large capability of history records storage

● Optional N+X redundancy parallel up to 6 units