AP660 50 – 800 kVA

Characteristics Technical Specifications Documents

l  Dual DSP digital control technology

l  Flexible modularity and easy scalability with all hot-swappable module design

l  High efficiency at low load rate: 96% at 40% rated load and 95% at 20% rated load

l  High power density of 50 kVA / 3U power module

l  Wide input voltage range, high grid adaptability, strong load adaptability and strong overload capability

l  Small footprint (500 kVA system only 1.02 m2 footprint)

l  Inbuilt integrated PDU system, easy installation and saving investment

l  Input power factor > 0.99, THDi < 3%, environment friendly and high-efficiency and energy-saving

l  Soft-start technology improves generator matching up to 1:1.1

l  Support two modes of frequency conversion: 50 Hz input / 60 Hz output and 60 Hz input / 50 Hz output

l  Intelligent hibernation design enables UPS to operate efficiently at low load rate to prolong service life and improve the system efficiency.

l  Advanced parallel expansion technology, support 4 units in parallel

l  Share battery pack in parallel operation, saving user’s battery cost

l  Flexible charger parameter and battery configuration setting, numbers of battery 30 ~  46 pcs selectable

l  Intelligent battery management (Intelligent charge / discharge management and float charging voltage temperature compensation), extending battery lifespan

l  Support battery cold start and utility self boot

l  Self-aging function, easy debugging and test on site

l  Fault-tolerant design for fan system: 30% load can be driven when 2 fans fail and 50% load when 1 fan fails

l  Front accessible maintenance,top / bottom cable entry compatible

l  Complete hardware and software protection function, robust self-diagnostic function, and abundant event log for check

l  7 inches LCD touch screen, friendly human-machine interface

l  Monitoring unit with built-in SNMP, supports RS485 and dry contacts